Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Xiamen

Xiamen ranks among China's most appealing tourist destinations, with a fine mix of urban and natural attractions. Located on the southern coast of the Fujian Province, Xiamen is, in large part, set on a separate island. With origins dating back 5,000 years, trade has been the lifeblood of Xiamen and the city has grown on commerce generated by merchants, both Chinese and European, who used Xiamen as their gateway to China.

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Gulangyu Island / 鼓浪屿

This is where the 19th-century traders from foreign countries and China itself built their mansions, stemming from the freedom given to Xiamen to allow foreign trade through its port. It takes only about five minutes with a ferry from Xiamen to reach the island. It is recommended to purchase the ferry ticket 2-3 days in advance.
Adresse: Gulangyu Island, Siming Distric, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2062 868
Åpningstider: 24/7

Gulangyu Beach / 鼓浪屿沙滩

When on Gulangyu Island, pay a visit to the western side. Here, you will find the best beach in the area. Gulangyu Beach is joined with Huamei Beach and both know to be the cleanest beach in Xiamen and is the ideal spot for an afternoon walk and enjoy the view of the sunset.
Adresse: Gulangyu beach, Gulang Yu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2062 868
Åpningstider: 24/7

South Putuo Temple / 南普陀寺

The South Putuo Buddhist Monastery is one of the most prosperous temples founded during the Tang dynasty and located south of Mount Putuo. Behind the temple lies the Wulao Mountain, one of the eight most famous sites of the city. There are a lot of historical stone carving pieces dedicated to the temple spread out around the area.
Adresse: 515 Siming South Rd, Siming, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2087 282
Åpningstider: 3h - 18h

Xiamen Botanical Garden / 厦门植物园

This "green museum" is a park of winding paths and over 5,000 species of tropical plants in a beautiful natural landscape. If you want to take a break from the vibrant, but sometimes exhausting city life, spend an afternoon in the Botanical Garden and you surely won't regret it.
Adresse: 25 Huyuan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2024 785
Åpningstider: The garden : 6h30 - 18h, The Tropical Area : 8h30 - 11h

Piano Museum / 钢琴博物馆

Piano Museum, located on Gulangyu Island features a precious collection of 70 pianos such as the oldest quadrangular piano, the biggest and oldest vertical piano, the ancient hand driven piano and more. The exhibition shows the entire development of piano and even the decorative candlesticks have more the one-hundred-year history. Free performances are available during open time.
Adresse: 7 Zaihou Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2060 238
Åpningstider: 8h15 - 17h45

Hulishan Fort / 胡里山炮台

The fort was founded in the late 1800s and includes glutinous rice as one of the main construction materials. Huli Shan Fort is famous for its German-made 60-ton cannon, which is the best preserved coastal cannon in the whole country.
Adresse: Huli Hill, Siming Nan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2099 603
Åpningstider: 8h - 18h

Underwater World / 厦门海底世界

This aquarium has a collection of more than 10,000 fascinating aquatic creatures. You can also visit the feeding tank and hand-feed turtles and baby sharks: this is definitely an unmissable experience for every animal lover out there.
Adresse: 2 Longtau Road, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2571 610
Åpningstider: 8h - 18h30

Riguang Mountain / 日光岩

Get an amazing 360-degree view over Gulangyu and even the whole city by climbing on top of the small Riguang Mountain where there is a lookout tower. This is a tranquil spot particularly in the late afternoon but it can get quite crowded. Don´t forget the camera, here you will for sure get some nice photos.
Adresse: 62 Huangyan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2067 284
Åpningstider: 7h - 18h

Haiwan Park / 海湾公园

Take a nice evening walk at the beach at the Haiwan park and catch the beautiful sunset. The park is also famous for its LED light pavement and open amusement park equipment. The place is surrounded by restaurants and bars that burst into life in the evenings, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat or drink. Very romantic place to bring loved ones.
Adresse: 9 Hubin Xi Lu, Siming Districrt, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5907 909
Åpningstider: 24/7

Zeng Cuo An / 曾厝垵

Zeng Cuo An is known to be the artsiest fishing village of China. This is the place where modern meets traditional, which shines through in its array of interesting independent shops. There is also a fusion of architectural styles: you can find traditional courtyard houses, wooden fishing houses as well as Baroque mansions. When night falls, the village comes alive as countless bars open doors to welcome patrons.
Adresse: Zeng Cuo An, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2089 787
Åpningstider: 24/7

South Putuo Temple / 南普陀寺

This Buddhist temple complex on southern Xiamen is a major religious landmark among the Fujianese. Destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, the South Putuo Temple is today a gathering point for both Buddhist monks and pilgrims from all over the country. Do not miss its vegetarian restaurant with food crafted by local monks.
Adresse: 515 Siming S Rd, Xiamen
Åpningstider: 8h-18h

Shuyou Seafood Restaurant / 舒友海鲜大酒楼

Shuyou Seafood is one of Xiamen’s oldest and most renowned restaurants. Their specialities are, obviously, local seafood cooked according to the seasons. You can also find oysters, eels, octopus and, despite many concerns, sharks fin which is still very popular in China!
Adresse: 1A Bailuzhou Dong Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5330 888
Åpningstider: 11h - 14h30, 17h - 22h30

Nanputuo Sucai /南普陀素菜馆

On your way to the majestic Nanputuo temple, you should not miss this vegetarian restaurant which is located next to the temple. This historical restaurant was initially for monks of the temple and later opened to the public. The restaurant has a very varied menu covers from soup, noodle, sauté to bread and desserts.
Adresse: 515 Siming Nan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2085 908
Åpningstider: 11h - 14h, 17h - 20h

Tutto Bene / 多乐意意大利餐厅

Tutto Bene the oldest and most popular Italian restaurant you´ll come across in Xiamen! The chef is Italian and all the essential ingredients are all imported from Italy. The atmosphere here is particularly romantic, but it´s also perfect for a relaxing dinner among friends. Reservation is necessary for this restaurant is extremely popular.
Adresse: 1-16 Jianye Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5046 026
Åpningstider: 11h - 23h

Indiano John’s Samrat / 印度风

Indiano John’s Samrat offers traditional Indian cuisine with modern creative additions and has become the favourite gathering spot for the Indian food lovers. On the menu, you will find both southern and northern Indian dishes, cooked to perfection in every detail in order to preserve the authentic taste!
Adresse: 69 Jiangtou Bei Lu, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5557 699
Åpningstider: 11h30 - 14h30, 17h30 - 22h30

The House / 老别墅西餐馆

Situated in a calm neighbourhood surrounded by trees, The House will spoil you with Californian cuisine and steaks just as expected according to the classic American style. Occasional wine tasting evenings are organised with invited guests from Californian vineyards.
Adresse: 3-9 Yundang Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5033 377
Åpningstider: 9h - 1h

Jacky Angela Steakhouse / 狼群斯美式牛扒皇

This is probably the best restaurant for steak in Xiamen. The three members of the chef team are all New York, the ingredients are also imported from the United States, all of which are guaranteed to offer an authentic American dining experience.
Adresse: 3 Lujiang Dao, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2110 699
Åpningstider: 11h - 22h


Here's some authentic Mexican food for you! Located in the centre of the city, Coyote is a Mexican restaurant that is popular among both locals and expats. The restaurant has a vegan menu and is also English friendly.
Adresse: 20-22 Jianye Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 180 2072 5369
Åpningstider: 11h - 23h30

Chao Fu Cheng / 潮福城

If Dim Sum is something you love, then head over to Chao Fu Cheng where the menu is extensive and you would need to visit the restaurant many times to get the chance to taste everything. This is probably the most historical and the most famous Hongkong style Dim Sum restaurant. Long waiting time expected.
Adresse: 28 Hubin Beilu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5058 688
Åpningstider: 9h - 2h

Golden Olives / 金橄榄

Golden Olives has brought the fresh taste of Greece to Xiamen and is run by three Greek businessmen. The menu features yummy Greek and Mediterranean salads, meat dishes like gyros, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, olives, feta, pita bread and much more. The prices are also reasonable.
Adresse: 1076 Hulijin Jie, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5531 910
Åpningstider: 11h - 21h

Hai Tien Lo / 海天楼

When dining at Hai Tien Lo, you will experience the finest flavours of authentic Cantonese cuisine in a more sophisticated atmosphere. Traditional favourites such as dim sum, fresh seafood and other regional specialities are served by the professional staff.
Adresse: 19 Hubin Bei Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5078 888
Åpningstider: 11h30 - 14h30, 17h30 - 22h30

Yuehua Sate Noodles / 月华沙茶面

This noodle dish's defining characteristic is the sate soup which is originally from Southeast Asia, and every restaurant has its own recipe and secret ingredients. The freshly boiled noodle is served with customised toppings. It is simple yet remains one of the most distinguished dishes of Xiamen cuisine. Yuehua is one of the best sate noodles restaurants there is. They also serve amazing meat zongzi that's worth trying.
Adresse: 78 Zhenbang Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2984 332
Åpningstider: 7h30 - 22h

Coffee Street

The whole length of Yundang Lu is known as Xiamen's "Coffee Street". There are about two dozen coffee bars lined-up along the street. If you are a coffee connoisseur or craving something sweet, this is the place to go. The shops offer cakes, pastries and most of them have full menus. Almost all of them feature outdoor gardens from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake.
Adresse: Yundang Lu, Siming Disitrict, Xiamen

The Chu Family Coffee / 褚家园

The Chu Family made their fortune in the early 20s in the Philippines and came back to China in the 30s, constructing their family mansion. In 2008, the mansion was transformed into a café and has since become one of the icons of Gulangyu Island. The owner is also the winner of World Barista Championship in 2013 so this is definitely the must-go-to café in the city.
Adresse: 15 Zhonghua Lu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2083 702
Åpningstider: 10h30 - 21h


CUPS Café is a coffee shop known to every coffee lover. The owner has been the judge of World Barista Championship which makes this café the most professional one in the city. Their signature cup is a Cold Brew Irgachefe.
Adresse: Building 1, 11 Nanhua Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Åpningstider: 10h30 - 22h30, close every Tuesday

Barista Honor

This café is quite small yet delicate. They have 10 regular beans and as well as 3 kinds of Espresso blends. They specialise in Italian espresso but also provide other high-quality drinks. English-friendly.
Adresse: 2 Daxue Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 158 1072 7650
Åpningstider: 8h - 22h

32 Hao

32 Hao specialises in siphon and pour over coffee with wide selections of beans. If you want to try to make your own coffee, they can even give you a quick siphon tutorial. The owner also has a huge collection of coffee sets that he personally purchased from all over the world, including some finest bone china.
Adresse: 32 Huaxin Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Åpningstider: 10h - 22h

21 gram coffee

This 20 square metre café probably makes the best latte in the city. The reputation of the shop speaks for itself, and there are always people lining up out front. There are only three tables inside so takeaway is likely the way to go. You can get 5 yuan off if you bring your own cup.
Adresse: Building 1, 92 Dazhong Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 158 5928 7467
Åpningstider: 8h30 - 20h

FCR COFFEE / 深城市咖啡

If you would like to learn more about coffee, this is the place to go. In FCR, descriptions of every single kind of bean as well as different ways of making coffee are listed on the menu. The owner will also offer any additional explanations in person, and it is English-friendly.
Adresse: 2 Lvling Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5523 374
Åpningstider: 8h - 23h

Zhang San Feng Milk Tea / 张三疯奶茶

Milk tea has always been popular in China and it has gone way further than the classic black tea plus milk. There are thousands of different milk tea varieties, each with different toppings and flavours. Zhang San Feng is a chain of milk tea specialised shops that you can find throughout the city.
Adresse: 264 Longtou Lu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2087 706
Åpningstider: 9h - 22h30

Me&You2 Bar

The venue is located in the famous Haiwan Park with beautiful surroundings and a breathtaking coastal waterfront. Here you can relax and enjoy life with a beer or a good cocktail at an outdoor bar while being entertained by music and dancers. If you develop a hunger, delicious pizza and pasta dishes are ready to be ordered.
Adresse: 54 Daxue Lu, Sha Po Wei, Haiwan Park, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2211 747
Åpningstider: 12h - 3h

The Londoner

If you are in the mood for a night out in an international atmosphere, check out The Londoner and get ready to meet tons of expats from all over the world living the time of their life in this beautiful city!
Adresse: 2-15 Guanren Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5089 783
Åpningstider: 12h - 2h

Paulaner Bräuhaus

Paulaner Bräuhaus Xiamen at Kempinski Hotel not only has the city´s only micro-brewery, but it has also become a very popular venue for the vibrant atmosphere and the live entertainment set up every evening! Here you could experience the authentic Bavarian atmosphere and also enjoy famous German dishes like the pork knuckle.
Adresse: 98 Hubin Zhong Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2351 613
Åpningstider: 15h - 3h

Loong Bar / 龙吧

Loong Bar is Xiamen’s first cigar bar and offers an intimate venue for cigar aficionados and wine lovers. From the menu canapés, vintage wines and classic cocktails can be ordered which can all be enjoyed in a stylish contemporary surrounding.
Adresse: 386-1 Jiahe Lu, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5525 888
Åpningstider: 16h - 24h

Le Good Bar

Situated on the 27th floor of the luxurious hotel Tegoo, Le Good Bar provides a magnificent view of sea and skyline in Xiamen. The soothing music in the background and the great variety of drinks makes this a pleasant place to chat with friends.
Adresse: 2 Lujiang Lu, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 3337 777
Åpningstider: 18h - 24


Accord hides on the third floor of an old building. It has an open rooftop with a view of the sea. The indoor area is beautifully decorated and lit up with neon, making it resemble a set of a Wong Kar-wai film. The music style is mainly funky and disco, and the bar specialises in cocktails and gin yet the menu changes according to the season.
Adresse: 2 Daxue Lu, Siming District. Xiamen
Åpningstider: 19h30 - 1h

Zui Tang / 醉堂

Zui Tang is a wine bar and has a wild collection of different wines from all around the world. If you want to have a quiet night out with friends for a little chat, we would recommend this place. Order a glass of wine and a plate of salami, and you are all but guaranteed to have a cosy evening. If you are intimidated by the huge variety of choice, go ahead and ask the bartender for advice, they can always suggest the best options.
Adresse: 1 Guanri Lu, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: -86 199 4272 1206
Åpningstider: 12h - 21h

Zhongshan Lu / 中山路

The main Zhongshan Road, which is partly traffic-free, is lined with most of the well-known clothing, footwear and general retail. However, in the side streets, which wind and bend in a rough parallel to Zhongshan, there is a multitude of small shops selling DVD and CDs and fresh market food.
Adresse: Zhongshan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen

Taiwan Snack Street / 台湾小吃街

On the snack street, you can find all abundant kinds of Chinese street food such as bubble tea, Taiwanese chicken, stinky tofu and more. There are also souvenir shops alongside the road where you can get some nice souvenirs at a reasonable price.
Adresse: Renhe Road, Siming District, Xiamen

Wanda Plaza / 万达广场

One of the best places to shop international brands, Wanda Plaza was the first to introduce brands such as H&M and Uniqlo to the city. Besides clothes they also have accessories, a Walmart, department store and plenty of dining options when feeling hungry. There is also The Wanda Plaza Cinema, home to Xiamen's first IMAX screen.
Adresse: 4666 Xianyue Lu, Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 2366 999
Åpningstider: 10h - 23h

SM City Plaza / SM 城市广成

With six floors shopping, SM City Plaza is a massive shopping centre where to find both local and international products. Beside many brand stores, there are plenty of restaurants where you can take a break when feeling hungry. There is also a cinema if you would like to catch a movie. You will for sure not leave this shopping mall empty handed.
Adresse: 468 Jiahe Lu, Huli Disitrict, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5517 933
Åpningstider: 10h - 23h

Longtou Lu Souvenirs Street / 龙头路纪念品街

Longtou Lu is the main business street on Gulangyu Island, where there are a great number of souvenir shops along the street. Here you will find local art wares, coloured pottery, works of calligraphy, painting, jade articles, antiques, porcelain, postcards and much much more. You can always find something to bring back home.
Adresse: Longtou Lu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen

Kaihe Lu Fish Market / 开禾路菜市场

In the old district of Xiamen you will come across this tiny but lively market that sells various and unique sea creatures in a lively environment. It is the perfect place to purchase some extravagant souvenirs to bring back home.
Adresse: Yingping Lu, Xiamen, China


Transit visas issued on arrival at a number of entry points in Chine are currently not applied in the province of Fujian. You will need a regular visa to enter via Xiamen. Please consult your national visa centre for detailed information concerning the necessary documents and procedures.

Best Time To Visit

Given its coastal location, the best time to visit Xiamen would be the end of summer and/or early summer in order to enjoy the sunshine and the beach. However, Xiamen is in the typhoon area and has a heightened risk of typhoons during summer time. It is advised to check the forecast in advance when planning your trip.

Internet Access and VPN in China

Due to the Internet policy of China, certain websites and applications are not accessible from the mainland, which includes those very commonly used in the west (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Skype and more). Some travellers have been able to gain access to those via a VPN service (installed prior to arrival in China). Make sure you comply with local laws and regulations when deciding on whether or not to employ a VPN, and which one to choose (if you do, only use those explicitly allowed by the Chinese government, and only use them for authorised purposes to avoid any trouble). There have been reports of foreigners in China getting their cell service cut off in response to unauthorised use of VPN being detected; restoring cell service required a trip to the local police station where contents of the device were investigated and certain apps removed. Giving that Google is banned in China, Google Maps might not be the most accurate and reliable source of information. Some local apps such as Baidu Maps and AutoNavi tend to work better than Google Maps.

Xiamen International Airport

Xiamen International Airport is situated 7 kilometres from the city centre and there are different ways of reaching it. There is an Airport Express Line, city buses, a classic taxi (a 20-minute ride) or even a ferry to Gulang Island. Public transportation schedules are set according to flight arrivals, so just get out of the airport and get on the car or the bus (you can buy tickets directly on board).
Adresse: Huli District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5706 017

Public transport

Buses in Xiamen are frequent, extensive and cheap and you could purchase an ‘e-card’ that can be bought at post offices which gives a 20% discount on the buses. You could also opt for the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) with its four routes (one of them connecting the city centre and the airport). There are two stations in the city, Xiamen Railway Station and North Railway Station from where you could reach the major cities of the country such as Hong Kong, Shangai, Beijing and Shenzen.


The taxis ‘net is really extended as it is probably the most cost-effective option that you are offered in Xiamen since it´s particularly cheap and you can reach every tiny corner of the city! Be prepared to pay an extra of 20% when travelling between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. You can also use taxi cab hailing service with WeChat or Alipay (like the Chinese version of Uber).


Adresse: 1 Zhongshan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Åpningstider: 9h - 16h


Bangjian pharmacy / 健邦药房
Adresse: 287 Xilian Qian Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Telefon: +86 592 5082 600
Åpningstider: 8h - 22h


Country code: +86 Area code: 0592


220 v/50 Hz Adapter needed